Artist painting watercolour
Artist painting watercolour

Banish the Blue Monday blues on a special interest holiday...

If you hadn’t already heard, today is Blue Monday. It usually falls on the third Monday of January, and is statistically – according to research – the most gloomy day of the year. Why? Well, the research takes into consideration the following: bad weather, bad financial situations following the spending sprees that tend to happen over the Christmas period, the fact that by the third Monday in January many people will have already broken at least one of their New Year’s resolutions, and – as a result – low motivational levels.  

Here in the Authentic Adventures office, we seem to spend every cold, wet and dark January dreaming of sun-drenched landscapes and the memory-making activities that await there, so, with that in mind, we’ve rounded up a list of tours that will see you soaking up vitamin D and boosting your serotonin levels in no time! 

What’s more, our January sales offers end on February 2nd, so if you book your tour now, you’ll secure it for a very special price!

A Singing Holiday

Aside from being good fun, what are the benefits? Studies have shown that people who participate in group singing, or perform as part of a choir, are more likely to feel a stronger sense of togetherness. Social wellbeing is also at a higher level in people who are part of such groups, and the enjoyment of doing something you love is enough to produce oxytocin, which – in turn – leads to increased feelings of comfort, happiness and satisfaction. What's not to love?

We offer two singing holidays for 2019, both taking place in gorgeous Italy. Expert tutor Jeremy Backhouse will lead both departures, one in Ischia and the other in Umbria. Sing in harmony in stunning destinations and experience the conviviality of such a trip!

View both of our singing holidays here.

A Walking Holiday

The physical and mental benefits of walking are both extensive and well-known. Studies around this have shown that walking modifies the nervous system to the point where anger and hostility can be reduced, it can boost creativity, and it can even help to improve digestion as a result of gastric mobility!

If you're not yet a regular walker, why not treat yourself to a place on one of our walking holidays – we're sure you'll quickly fall in love with it. Whether you prefer a slower, meditative pace or a brisker approach, the benefits of walking are evident and we can't wait to welcome you. Join us this year in the Cinque Terre, Amalfi, La Gomera or Montenegro...

Click here to see all of our walking holidays. 

A Culinary Journey

If you think back to your favourite holiday, we bet one of the first things that will spring to mind is something you either ate or drank while there. Food is one of life's absolute pleasures and we are delighted to be running a series of unique holidays to Italy this year that will showcase real Italian food in authentic and immersive ways. 

From the hills of Tuscany and the churches of Sicily, to Piedmont's incredible chocolate and the air-dried meats in Bologna – these holidays offer the chance to lose yourself in a new world of flavour. 

Click here to see our Gregg Wallace Italian Food Holiday itineraries now. 

Painting Holidays

It may come as no surprise that spending time on creative hobbies can aid feelings of happiness, and we are strong believers in the art of self-expression. One of the most common reasons not to indulge a hobby is the sheer lack of time, which is why we have come up with a series of painting holidays. This way, you can devote quality time to exercising your creative ability – and in beautiful places.

In 2019, we can take you to the Cinque Terre, Amalfi, La Gomera and Montenegro. What's more, if you're travelling with a friend or partner, they can choose Walking on these trips if they're not arty!

Click here for our range of Painting Holidays.

For further information about any of our holidays, just give our friendly team a call on 01453 823328 today. 

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Banish the Blue Monday blues on a special interest holiday... was published on January 21 2019