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These tours have been designed by Authentic Adventures experts, in partnership with MasterChef presenter, Gregg Wallace, who brings a valuable insight derived from his own travels, both with his wife and filming for a host of food programmes. Furthermore, the holidays will be accompanied by engaging local experts, keen to share their enthusiasm and ‘inside knowledge’, helping you to understand every step of the way not just the ‘what’ of European food, but the ‘how’ and the ‘why’, putting regional cuisine into its historical and cultural context.

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Authentic Adventures’ Bridge holidays, arranged exclusively by Mr. Bridge

Bridge Holidays
Rows of dusty champagne bottles in Reims cella

Wine & Champagne Tours

What could be better on holiday than stopping at wineries, wandering around vineyards and enjoying delicious tastings at every step of the way? Well, with our Wine Holidays, this dream can become a reality.

Wine Tours

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