View to the old bridge and harbor of Sirmione
View to the old bridge and harbor of Sirmione

Authentic Adventures’ Bridge holidays, arranged exclusively by Mr. Bridge, take you to some of Europe’s most fascinating and beautiful places, discovering local culture and history on a selection of optional excursions and appreciating the excellent amenities of hand-picked hotels – but, most importantly, playing daily bridge with like-minded travellers in the company of acclaimed bridge hosts, such as Bernard Magee.

Your host will present Bridge seminars followed by the opportunity to play set hands with the assistance of an experienced team. A range of different bridge sessions will be played in large, air-conditioned rooms. The atmosphere is always very friendly and single players will always be accommodated.

Frequently Asked Questions

Authentic Adventures is a tour operator providing travel services in partnership with special interest experts. In this case, the bridge experts are Mr Bridge – their friendly and experienced staff will accompany the holidays and co-ordinate the playing sessions. Authentic Adventures provides the flights, hotel and excursions package. That is why your first contact will be with Mr Bridge, and they transfer you to Authentic Adventures when they have answered any bridge-related questions and you are ready to book.

Mr Bridge caters for all standards beyond beginners.

There is a full bridge programme, but it is all optional. Sessions are available every evening, some afternoons and the seminars are in the morning.

There will be two seminars and two set hand sessions during a one-week holiday.

These are supervised bridge sessions where you play prepared hands on the topic covered in the seminar and the bridge team provide support as needed.

Duplicate bridge. Friendly but competitive.

No. This is your holiday, you can play as much or as little as you wish.

Most systems are allowed although the majority of guests play relatively straight forward systems.

No. We have a minimum of four team on all our events so there will not be a sit out.

No, unless you have specific needs.

Masterpoints are only available at events when it is clearly stated. Most of our events do not offer them.

Absolutely – a lot of our guests travel solo. Mr Bridge always has a team to make up the numbers but ideally, we will find you a guest to play with. We have a singles meeting to get all the single bridge players together and offer a “dance card” style approach so that you can play with a selection of different players enabling you to find a good match.

There is generally a wide variety of partners including members of the Mr Bridge team. If you ever need a change, for whatever reason, then ask a member of the Mr Bridge team and they will make changes in a pleasant way.

It is rare that there will be an opportunity to learn from scratch. However, there is certainly the chance to improve your bridge.

Yes. You are most welcome to join one of these bridge holidays in the company of a player, but not playing yourself. Simply relax during the playing sessions or explore your destination independently. However, please let Mr Bridge know that you will not be playing when booking. You will be invited to all the drinks parties and can dine with the group so will still feel part of the party.

For breakfast and dinner an area of the restaurant has been reserved for the bridge group so that we can all dine together.

No. Unless specified.

The tours are specially arranged for Mr Bridge clients and are subject to a minimum of 10 participants.

Scheduled flights from a London airport are included in the cost of the holiday.

No, if you wish to take regional flights Authentic Adventures can book these for you. If the cost of the regional flight is more than the group flight you will need to pay the difference. If the flights do not coincide with the group flights then Authentic Adventures can arrange for a private transfer, there will be a small cost implication to this.

Air credit is available if you choose to just book a land only holiday. Please ask and we can let you know what this would be.

If you book the full holiday package through Authentic Adventures then you are covered by ATOL.
If you book a land only package you are covered by ABTOT. ABTOT covers you for all the non-flight elements of your holiday you booked through Authentic Adventures. The flight and transfer that you have booked independently are not covered.

It is your holiday and you may participate as much or as little as you wish, the bridge programme is entirely optional.  You can still dine with the bridge group if you do not wish to play, but you are also welcome to dine later in one of the other restaurants.  Do bear in mind that the other restaurants are not included as part of our package.

On our land-based holidays the bridge sessions are planned around the optional tours allowing you to maximise your experience.