Making Pasta
Making Pasta


Departures from September - November 2019, starting from just £2,499 per person

Gregg Wallace and Authentic Adventures have come together to create an exciting new range of food holidays in Italy.

Designed by our in-house food expert, Rosetta Ferrari, and influenced by Gregg's personal experiences in this wonderful country over the years, these tours will showcase Italian food in its cultural context. From peasant dishes and street food, to modern interpretations of beloved classics and dishes specific to particular regions, treat yourself to a place on one of our trips and experience what it truly means to eat like a local.  

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Hello from Gregg

"I’ve been in love with Italy since my first visit 20 years ago, and fortunate enough to return every year since, both personally and professionally. Six years ago I met my wife Anna, whose parents hail from Rome and Naples – a happy union extending my understanding of what was already my favourite country. In recent years, we have rented a house in Italy for the whole of August, driving down with a car full of clothes, books and cooking utensils… because the aspect of ‘la vita Italiana’ that I most enjoy is the food."

4 reasons to choose a Gregg Wallace Food Holiday

We've worked hard to make sure our Gregg Wallace Food Holidays are the most authentic and immersive gastronomic experiences in Italy: 

  1. Each trip is packed a full of gourmet delights
    We include visits, excursions and hands-on activities every single day.
  2. Memorable dining 
    Many travel companies offering food holidays include just one or two ‘hands-on’ experiences, whereas Gregg Wallace Food Holidays include unforgettable dining experiences from street food to Michelin-starred restaurants
  3. Designed by experts
    Tours have been created by Rosetta Ferrari, our expert guide who has over 20 years experience, with Gregg Wallace's influence.
  4. Top locations and accommodation
    We have hand-picked luxury hotels for you to enjoy throughout your tour.


Tagliatelle al ragù

Packed with gourmet experiences

Gregg Wallace Food Holidays include unforgettable activities, excursions and visits every single day.

There are cookery classes, some with acclaimed organisations such as Cotumè and the Academia Barilla, others based around pasta or street food, and others still in more rural areas with talented local cooks. You can hunt for truffles and porcini mushrooms, walk with a shepherdess in the mountains to discover why Zeri lamb is so prized for its taste.


Memorable dining, from street food to Michelin-starred restaurants

We feature a variety of dining. At one end, humble but mouthwatering street food. At the other, Michelin-acclaimed restaurants such as the 2-star Locanda Don Serafino in Ragusa and centuries-old Del Cambio, the grande dame of Turin, where diners are following in the footsteps of Mozart and Napoleon.

In the middle, a host of memorable meals at trattorie, osterie, agriturismi and other local restaurants, from the homely to the refined, but united by reputations for excellence and for serving up exceptional regional specialities utilising the freshest and finest ingredients.

Making Pasta

Inspired by experts, led by experts

These tours have been designed by Authentic Adventures expert Rosetta Ferrari, who has been creating and leading Italian food tours for more than 20 years. As her name suggests, Rosetta has Italian heritage and family hailing from the Parma area. Many of these family members are involved in food production, and Rosetta herself once ran a food business in Parma. She is even a member of the exclusive Italian Society of Cheese Tasters!

Gregg, too, has been involved in the creations of these holidays, offering invaluable insight derived from his own travels, both with his wife and filming for a host of food programmes. Furthermore, the holidays will be accompanied by engaging local experts, keen to share their enthusiasm and ‘inside knowledge’, helping you to understand every step of the way not just the ‘what’ of Italian food, but the ‘how’ and the ‘why’, putting regional cuisine into its historical and cultural context.

Turin City

Beautifully located, quality hotels

Italy is particularly noted for its rich cultural heritage, as well as its cuisine, and these holidays invite you to appreciate some magical towns and cities.

We will be staying in high quality (generally 4* and above, except in Northern Tuscany where 3* is the best available category) hotels in the historic heart of Parma, Bologna, Catania, Turin, Aulla, Ragusa and Palermo, with elegant squares, grand cathedrals and churches, bustling cafes and restaurants, and outstanding food shops within easy walking distance. In more rural areas, such as Pontremoli and Marsala, we stay in wonderfully secluded resorts set in vineyard-clad hills.

So, though the itineraries are packed with foodie experiences, we never forget that this is a holiday – there is some free time to relax or make your own explorations, and one or two independent meals to sample your own choice of dining venue.

Discover Italian Food

Parmigiano-Reggiano and DOP (protected origin) cheeses

Italy’s most famous cheese deserves its renown. Parmigiano-Reggiano (Parmesan) is a true labour of love – to carry its DOP designation, the cheese must be made in selected provinces, using time-honoured techniques and slow maturation.

Barolo, Barbaresco, Lambrusco and Marsala wines

Italian wines, particularly the Barolo and Barbaresco reds made from the Nebbiolo grapes that grow in a tiny corner of Piedmont, belong in the most exalted company – full-bodied and richly tannic, mellowing beautifully with age.

Black and white truffles

An ingredient 20 times more valuable than silver? It's no wonder that truffles are so costly – these earthly nuggets grow invisibly below ground and only in specific areas of woodland, at a specific time of year. Dogs belonging to the tartufaio (truffle-hunter) use their finely-honed sense of smell to locate them, and then the buried treasure is carefully retrieved. The very best becomes bound for the world-famous auctions and markets of Alba. Our Turin and Bologna holidays include an exciting truffle-hunting experience. 

Zeri lamb

The Zeri region of Northern Tuscany is Italy at its most bucolic – rugged mountains, picturesque villages and wild pastures perfect for grazing Zerasca sheep. The hardiness of this Lunigiana breed, pastured for more of the year than any other, and the pristine flora on which they feed, bestows a unique flavour on Zeri lamb, considered the finest in all of Italy – if not the world. On our Tuscany tour, we spend time in the mountains with a Zeri shepherdess, see the lamb cooked in a traditional way in cast-iron pots over hot coals and, of course, we taste it for ourselves.

Parma ham (Prosciutto di Parma)

Hams have been air-dried in Parma since Roman sandals walked the city streets and because the micro-climate here is so conducive to ham production, true Prosciutto di Parma is DOP-protected, with production permitted only in a limited area of the Parma hills between the Enza and Stirone rivers, at a height less than 900m above sea level. The curing process, of at least 12 months, requires skill and patience, allowing the only additives – salt and air – to confer a whisper of chestnuts and the sea upon this sweet, tender meat. Both Parma itineraries include visits to a ham-maker, where tastings naturally follow. 

Gelato and granita

Italian gelato is generally lower in fat than other ice-cream styles, which is handy when you're persuading yourself to have another scoop! It is a serious business throughout the country, indeed. We visit the Gelato University during our Bologna holiday, where four weeks of intensive training is offered to budding gelatieri. Sicily, and particularly the UNESCO-listed Baroque town of Noto, is often said to have the best ice-cream in the world. Guests on the Southeast Sicily tour may judge this for themselves and guests on the Western Sicily tour can sample the refreshing granita – a flavourful sorbet-like dessert, which is served with a sweet brioche bun. 

Culatello di Zibello

Delicious though Parma ham is, there is another cured ham that outdoes it for rarity and quality – Culatello di Zibello, the undisputed king of cold cuts. Carefully selected joints from the back legs of pigs (culatello translates as "little bottom") are rubbed with salt and pepper, and then encased within a pig's bladder to be matured for at least 12 months in humid brick cellars. The result is quite extraordinary – rich colour, fine marbling and a layered, enduring flavour. Once the Culatello di Zibello consortium confirms its excellence, this spectacular prosciutto can sell for up to £65/kg. Sample it for yourself on our five-day Parma getaway.

Tagliatelle al ragù

Spaghetti Bolognese may be the world's favourite Italian dish, but it is nowhere to be found in Italy. In Bologna, the residents are adamant that their famous ragù (slow-cooked, rich meat sauce) should be served with ribbon-like tagliatelle or, at a push, with tortelloni or gnocchi: substantial pasta types considered to be more suitable vehicles for the chunky sauce. During our stay in Bologna, we not only taste tagliatelle al ragù, we actually enjoy a cookery class where we learn how to make the most delicious version from an authentic recipe. 

Wild porcini mushrooms

Not quite as elusive as truffles, but by no means abundant, wild porcini mushrooms are beloved by chefs and gourmands for their nutty, meaty, umami flavour. They grow in September and October in jealously guarded woodland areas, often around conifer trunks. Not only do we set out in the Appenine woods with an expert in search of porcini, we also enjoy a lunch at a restaurant where they play a starring role. 

Bagna cauda

Literally translating as "hot dip", bagna cauda is a memorable Piedmontese dinner experience. This intensely buttery, salty and garlicky sauce is served fondue-style in a pot with a selection of crisp vegetables to dip. It packs an uncompromising punch and won't be to everyone's taste – don't worry, we won't let you go hungry – but it is an authentic, local culinary experience, so you'll find it featured on our Turin-based holiday. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Gregg is confirmed to appear on two out of the seven tours, for one day of each. The specific days will be announced in due course, but he will join the following tours:

Tastes of Parma – Parmigiano, Prosciutto & Porcini Mushrooms

Food Secrets of Tuscany


Many of the gourmet food experiences included in these holidays centre around meat – from culatello to Parma ham and Zeri lamb. No alternative visits to these are planned, but of course tastings are not compulsory! Vegetarian alternatives to included meals can be made available, and special dietary requirements can be accommodated. Please let accompanying staff know of these requirements at the start of the tour.

No. You can sit out the cookery classes and we will still provide you a meal at the end. Though bear in mind that classes can be up to three hours, and it is much more fun to take part!

All equipment for the cookery classes will be provided.

We designate these holidays as ‘easy-going’, but there is some walking on uneven ground particularly on the Western Sicily and Northern Tuscany itineraries. City hotels are located within easy walking distance of restaurants and other attractions. Wheelchair access is extremely limited and we would therefore not recommend these holidays for wheelchair users.