The Bolshoi theatre in the evening light
The Bolshoi theatre in the evening light

Visit Russia: A high-brow haven for culture lovers

Visit Russia, where artistic treasures are housed in ornate buildings and off-the-beaten-track adventures await. Still relatively little-visited, this is a country that offers authentic experiences in myriad ways. Take a tour of its stunning palaces, stand before master artworks or explore its musical heritage with a performance or two. With us, you’ll enjoy a first-hand encounter with Russia’s beloved traditions at a folk-dancing evening. You will be invited backstage at the historic Bolshoi Theatre. We will bring you to museums and galleries alike, and you can also sit in the audience for two incredible live performances. There is simply so much here to engage the cultural traveller.

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Country Information - Russia

  • Visa - Not required
  • Currency - The currency of Russia is the Ruble
  • How to dress - Russia is fairly liberal when it comes to dress code. Religious areas may require you to dress more conservatively. It gets very cold during the winter months so be sure to pack for the colder conditions
  • Cultural Differences - It is hard to define Russian culture due to the scale of the country. Russians are extremely proud and also very family orientated. They have a plethora of world famous artists, poets and authors
  • Language - The official language of Russia is Russian
  • Tipping - The etiquette in Russia is to tip between 10% - 15%