Visit Portugal: Glorious weather and gorgeous beaches

Portugal Overview

Visit Portugal and lose yourself in its welcoming spring sunshine, endless ocean in every shade of blue and charming fishing villages. With a mild climate and wonderful beaches, the Algarve is an idyllic destination to hold Bridge vacations. When selecting a suitable Bridge seminar destination, Portugal was an obvious choice. Not only will you play the card game in the luxurious setting of a 5* hotel, but the surrounding areas provide the perfect setting for cultural excursions, where traditions, regional delicacies and the warmth of local people await. Join us this year and experience the very best in Bridge holidays abroad.

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Country Information

  • Visa - Not required
  • Currency - The currency of Portugal is the Euro
  • How to dress - Portugal is fairly liberal when it comes to dress code. Religious areas may require you to dress more conservatively
  • Cultural Differences - Portuguese have a respect for authority. They treasure family and a work/life balance. Portuguese people love to cook with fish a staple of most evening meals
  • Language - Portuguese is the primary language. English is widely spoken in tourist regions
  • Tipping - Tipping is common in Portugal it is usually acceptable to round the bill up to the nearest five Euros