Heraklion harbour, Crete
Heraklion harbour, Crete

Visit Greece: A paradise destination steeped in history

Visit Greece, where whitewashed buildings and hot pink flowers frame the horizon. Home to unrivalled archaeological sites, ancient myths and rich history, this is a destination well-suited to any story-lover. Gorgeous sun-soaked towns, beaches with clear turquoise water and phenomenal monuments that punctuate the landscape are bound to make any tour of Greece memorable. Travel between the islands of Crete and Santorini, paying sumptuous visits to family-run wineries, where you’ll be offered tastings and tours of their vineyards. Savour the fresh flavours of the country’s world-renowned cuisine at mealtimes. Wander around the magnificent remains of the Palace of Knossos and experience for yourself the heritage of this mesmerising place.

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Country Information - Greece

  • Visa - Visas are not required by British citizens in Greece
  • Currency - The currency of Greece is the Euro which replaced the drachma
  • How to dress - Greece is very casual when it comes to dress. Temperatures are often very high which
  • Cultural Differences - Greece is often described as the birthplace of European civilisation. 98% of Greeks are Greek Orthodox. Easter is by far the most important religious holiday in Greece
  • Language - The official language of Greece is Greek
  • Tipping - In Greece, if a service charge is already added to the bill then tipping is not necessary. If a service charge is not added it is customary to add 5%.