Vineyards of the Douro Valley
Vineyards of the Douro Valley

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Walking the Douro

Lose yourself in the incredible wine legacy of this stunning country as we traverse the glorious Douro Valley, sampling incredible regional wines along the way.

The Douro Valley is one of Portugal’s most beautiful wine areas and home to its famous port, an increasingly popular table wine. The Douro’s richness is not just limited to its wine. Its heritage stretches back thousands of years and was infl uenced by Romans, Suevi and the Visigoths, to name but a few. Their footprints can be seen in the stunning architecture as well as beautiful monuments that are scattered across its unique landscape. Join us to discover the spectacular UNESCO-listed Douro Valley Wine Region, a traditional place born into the culture of wine production. Visit the most famous wine estates, taste delicious port wines and enjoy the local specialities – all in great company.

The traditions of Douro are clear to see with numerous UNESCO sites, museums and its medieval centre, where gold-leaf-laced churches abound. There is a contemporary buzz of chic boutiques, café culture and gourmet restaurants here, too. This interesting dichotomy makes the Douro a flexible destination perfect for every lover of wine.

The Douro comes with a cuisine to rival its wines, including a wide variety of hearty meat dishes on off er. Specialties include roasted baby goat with rice and potatoes, wild boar stew and partridge. Being located on the Douro River, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to find that fish is also a great alternative – especially the codfish.

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