Theater seats through curtains
Theater seats through curtains

Music & Art

Allow yourself to be transported by a celebration of musical prestige as the rhythms of the cities we visit pulse through your veins. Experience the arts on a number of our specially selected tours, which will take you from the dramatic world of Wagner’s Ring Cycle in Germany to the ornate palaces housing artistic masterworks in Russia.

With special access designed to take you backstage at world renowned opera houses, bring you closer to tradition with hands-on workshops, and offer you the chance to enjoy personal encounters with performers, our Music and Art tours have something for every cultural traveller.

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Conductor conducting an orchestra

What’s Included?

Experience a celebration of music, cultural and gastronomic prestige on our Travels In... tours. We have secured a wealth of exclusive encounters and special access on the following tours, so that you can go behind-the-scenes at world-renowned venues, enjoy hands-on workshops and more. Meals as per the itinerary, entrance to all galleries and museums, and tickets to performances are included in your tour, as are return flights, local travel and the services of an expert guide lecturer.

  • For the duration of your chosen tour, you will be travelling in the company of a renowned expert guide. From art historians to opera aficionados, your guide lecturer’s passion and knowledge will bring unique insight to each day’s activities
  • Tickets to all of the operas, ballets, museums or art galleries mentioned on your itinerary are included in the total price of the tour. Entries to sites and all tips are also covered, so that you can immerse yourself in rich culture worry free
  • Stay in hand-picked accommodation, carefully chosen for comfort, throughout your tour
  • All local travel aboard an air-conditioned coach, which will take you from museum to restaurant, and from opera to workshop, is included
  • Return flights from London airports for all tours overseas
  • Meals with wine at dinner as per the itinerary (check individual tours for details)
  • The services of an experienced tour manager, who will be on hand to ensure that your trip runs as smoothly and memorably as possible
Luxurious Baroque interiors of Palazzo Reale

Special Access

One of the benefits of being almost 35 years old as a business is the amount of time we’ve had to foster fantastic working relationships with people in museums, galleries and venues around the world. As a result of the strong bonds we’ve built, we can lift the curtain on backstage areas at renowned opera houses, we can offer you invitations to view amazing works of art in splendid isolation during out-of-hours visits, and we are able to treat you to exclusive experiences that members of the public simply won’t get to encounter. On our tour of Milan, we invite you behind-the-scenes at the legendary La Scala opera house so that you can immerse yourself in the thrilling pre-show atmosphere and there will also be a special tour of the Ansaldo Workshops, where props and costumes for performances are expertly crafted. In Germany, meet the Chairman of the Leipzig Wagner Foundation and, if you choose our Verdi Festival tour, you’ll enjoy privileged access to rare musical instruments along with a private recital. With us, you don’t just visit a destination – you experience it.