Italian olive oil
Italian olive oil

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TUSCANY - Zeri lamb, traditional breads and Carrara marble-cured pork

Who would have thought that in a region as well-known and beloved as Tuscany there could be an area almost entirely unfamiliar to international visitors, yet beautifully scenic, dotted with medieval towns and home to unique, rustic ingredients and culinary traditions little changed in centuries. This is the territory of Lunigiana. Basing ourselves in historic Aulla, we sample a kaleidoscope of secret tastes, from chestnut bread to ‘peasant pasta’, freshly pressed olive oil to pork fat cured in Carrara marble. This is a hands-on culinary trip, with a cookery class and a walk in the mountains with a Zeri lamb shepherdess amongst the memorable experiences, yet there is time too to make your own gastronomic discoveries.

What's included?

  •  Flights
  •  Accommodation
  •  Meals - as per the itinerary
  •  Expert guide
  •  All tastings in the itinerary

Tour highlights:

  • Learn how to make herb pie, testaroli and other traditional specialities at a cookery class
  • Watch chestnut bread and panigaccio bread being prepared, and taste them fresh
  • Visit the China Clemente factory to sample this unique bitter liquor
  • Savour Lardo di Colonnata, delicious pork fat cured in Carrara marble
  • Visit the Olio Moro olive grove, see oil pressed and participate in a tasting
  • Follow a shepherdess and her sheep in the mountains and taste the renowned Zeri lamb

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