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Awake your soul in Italy, where creative imaginations come alive. Italy has produced some of the most iconic painters of the world and was the home of Accapella, now you get to experience it for yourselves and there’s something for everyone to get excited about

Awaken your soul in gorgeous Italy, where creative imaginations come alive, the palate is engaged by fresh regional flavours and the landscapes invite the visitor to forget the rest of the world and just be present in the moment. Having produced some of the world’s most iconic artists and also known as the birthplace of acapella, a wealth of experiences can be had in this wonderful country. As impressive as they are, Italy’s achievements extend way beyond its galleries, food and voices… The country itself is a masterpiece of Mother Nature: from the lush, rolling hills of the south and the sun-bleached islands, to the snow-capped peaks that can be seen from the north. Across Italy, from countryside to Mediterranean fishing villages, you can find picturesque renaissance spaces that will create the best acoustic opportunities for impromptu singing sessions or incredible vistas to paint. The choice of activities here are simply boundless and will all of this on offer, Italy invites you to be completely inspired.

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