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France’s lyrical landscape isn’t easily defined. From the shining cliffs and glinting sand dunes of the North, to the French Riviera’s piercing Mediterranean sea, and the Jura’s dark-green hills.

France’s lyrical landscape can’t be easily defined. From the glinting sand dunes of the North and the French Riviera’s piercing Mediterranean sea, to Jura’s dark-green hills – there are plenty of opportunities for adventure here. Lose yourself in the stunning acoustics of France’s beautiful renaissance churches as you sing with a group of likeminded people, paint the magnificent landscapes that so inspired the likes of Monet and Cézanne or hike surprisingly challenging terrain in more remote parts of the country.

Boasting a wealth of historic monuments, museums and landmarks that continue to capture the imagination – from the iconic Eiffel Tower and the striking Louvre, to the lily-clad gardens Monet painted and, of course, the vineyards that put France firmly on the map for wine-lovers around the world. Wherever you choose to visit here, you can guarantee beautiful settings to reconnect with the world, yourself and with the people around you.

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