Grand Place and Maison du Roi
Grand Place and Maison du Roi

Visit Belgium: One of Europe’s most intriguing countries

Visit Belgium and let its medieval towns, stunning architecture and delicious cuisine seduce you. A tour of this wonderful European country is always steeped in culture, thanks to its artistic legacy and cultural heritage. From bustling Brussels and romantic Bruges, to Antwerp and the less-touristy city of Ghent, there is much to explore here. Discover the collections housed within the Oldmasters Museum, take a trip to Rubens House or see the Bruegel paintings housed within the Mayer Van den Bergh museum. Enjoy a charming canal cruise, indulge in some of Belgium’s beloved chocolate and go for a walk around Brussels’ Grand Place.

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Country Information - Belgium

  • Visa - British citizens do not require a visa to visit Belgium
  • Currency - The currency of Belgium is the Euro
  • How to dress - Most areas are relatively liberal. The weather can be changeable in Belgium so pack for different conditions
  • Cultural Differences - Belgiums culture has been influenced over many centuries by its neighbours - the Netherlands, France, Germany and Luxenbourg. Family is important in Belgium and punctuality and respect are important.
  • Language - The official languages of Belgium are German, Dutch, and French, but a number of people speak the old language of Walloon and Flemish
  • Tipping - Tipping is not expected as most places will apply a 10% - 15% service charge